Track Review: ‘Dang!’ – Mac Miller

Who knew Mac could be so smooth?


Well, probably a lot of people if his last couple of projects are anything to go by. Last September Mac Miller released his third studio album ‘GO:OD  AM‘ to pretty positive critical reviews and, as expected, a good commercial reaction. Not even a year later the Pittsburgh-born rapper has announced the release of his next project, another full-length LP, entitled ‘The Divine Feminine‘. Along with this announcement came the brand new single ‘Dang!‘ (featuring Anderson .Paak), one which has me pleasantly surprised and excited for the record to drop. 

Mac Miller has always been a interesting case for me personally. His frat-boy style rap music that he made back in 2011 on his debut album was hailed by white college kids across America and he was quickly tagged as “that stoner white boy rapper”. He didn’t push any boundaries, he didn’t incite any thought with his lyrics, but he was a likeable personality that shied away from the more ‘grittier’ subjects found in the genre and simply talked about weed, booze and women. As he dropped more music however, he seemed to mature and put more crafted, thought-provoking music together – culminating into what I think is his best project to date; ‘Faces‘. This new track thankfully carries over the style that grabbed me about Mac and his musical escapades, except in a much more cleaner-cut and commercial fashion. A simple, funky dance rhythm and glistening synths create a dance floor vibe that’ll please the ears of most tastes, with a bass guitar and horn section used to brilliant effect, giving the track even more vibrancy.

Mac is obviously the star of show; exploring the troublesome terrain of his relationship with his girl and questions his philosophy of what keeps them together”If it’s love then why the fuck it come with pain? / I just think that’s some bullshit“. His laid-back flow and gentle cadence compliment the instrumental well across the 5 minute track, his ability to rap over most styles really impressing me at this point. And of course how could we forgot Anderson .Paak? The inclusion of the Californian is one that I definitely support, his vocals really rounding out the tune to its potential and giving it even more personality that I didn’t think it could have. Though it’s a glossy, mellow outing from the rapper and his warm-voiced associate, it retains a sense of humility with its close-to-heart subject matter and sense of style; resulting in a highly enjoyable track that hands ‘The Divine Feminine‘ a lot of promise for its release next month.


Listen (and watch):


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