Track Review: ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ – Pusha T

Two of the games most notorious ex-drug dealers link up for this killer track

pusha t

El Presidenté‘; the name the Virginia-raised rapper Pusha T calls himself after having been appointed the job of sitting on the throne of the well-known hip-hop label GOOD Music (his predecessor being Kanye West), could well allude to more than just his official profession. If his brand new single featuring Jay Z is anything to go by, it could also refer to not only his, but both of their successful drug-dealing pasts and the figure heads it made them today. This track entitled ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous‘ off of the upcoming King Push unequivocally showcases this side of them both, delivering a more than impressive cut to their extensive libraries. 

Having not heard from Pusha T since his late-2015 release ‘Darkest Before Dawn‘ (a prelude album to his upcoming one), this surprise drop was welcomed with open arms by myself and the rest of the hip-hop community. The mere thought of both legendary MC’s on a DJ Dahi produced track was mind-boggling, and it’s a dream team that’s been concocted into reality here. The production isn’t particularly illustrious nor does it switch up significantly, but the looping melody is a great set-up that manages to allow both rappers to perfectly spit their game while not providing any distractions from the lyrics themselves. Eerie, glistening synths crawl over a heavy drum loop, with some ominous bass underneath it all, surfacing more prominently in the bridge between the two verses (reminding me of a more haunting ‘Real Friends‘). Like I said, it’s not grandeur but it does its job, as the real attraction here are the bars from two of the most famous drug-rappers to ever grace the game.

You would think it might be a little disappointing with each MC only having one verse each on this track, but thankfully both are lengthy and full of quotable lines. And I mean full. Pusha opens up the track with the juxtaposing “Valentino summers and wave runners /
Chains on my niggas like slave runners” and if that isn’t painting a picture I don’t know what is. This comes as no surprise, as the MC is well-known for his venomous bars, exemplified here by another couple of lines “I can baptize a brick / As I wash away my sins like a catholic” and “Let he without sin cast the first stone / So I built that all glass quad level first home“, the latter referring to how no one can test him, his glass house ‘shattering’ any misconceptions anyone has about him (plus he says he is in fact building a glass house in August). And then of course there’s Jay Z, whose presence is a blessing with the fact that he isn’t partial to appearing on many lengthy verses these days. He plays on the accusation from talk show host Tomi Lahren for being a drug dealer for 14 years by adding “and still counting“, before continuing to drop stellar bars such as “Drug dealers anonymous / Y’all think Uber’s the future, our cars been autonomous / Mules move the drums, take ‘em to different spots / We just call the shots by simply moving our thumbs“. It’s masterful wordplay from both rappers, and its a pleasure to hear when so much of hip-hop in the modern era is dominated by the overwhelming obsession with beats. ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous‘ has me all the more excited for Pusha T’s next album, and it’s a soundtrack that fits a couple of legends like him and Jay brilliantly.




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