Track Review: ‘Bounce’ – Flatbush Zombies

Hip-hop’s most formidable trio feed the hype


The rap game’s three musketeers straight out of New-York, having recently announced their debut album ‘3001: A Laced Odyssey‘, have dropped the first single in the run up to its release. ‘Bounce‘ encapsulates the groups ability to deliver solid flows over a stellar beat, and they’re certainly ones to watch.

It seems that rap groups are becoming less and less common these days, with the pursuit of an individual career (you’d think) being more equitable. This of course attracts a lot more lone wolves to try their hand at becoming the next 2pac, but what about the next Wu-Tang Clan? The next A Tribe Called Quest? One of the few acts inspired in numbers by these classic hip-hop crews are the guys known as Flatbush Zombies. Hailing from the area of Brooklyn with same name (just Flatbush; no undead people), the trio have gained a mass of underground recognition since their formation in 2010. After a couple of successful mixtapes and a collaborative album with The Underachievers, they’ve recently announced their first full-length LP; ‘3001: A Laced Odyssey‘ . Wasting no time in playing on the hype, they quickly dropped the very first single off of it, the one I’m reviewing as a matter of fact (what a coincidence).

The song itself is a more gloomy and brooding addition to their track-list, with the production from Erick “The Architect” Elliott (one of the said musketeers) hitting a near-perfect tone for his and his fellow zombies’ to spit over. The piece opens with a smooth melody from a echoing guitar riff, which leads into Meechy Darko’s verse set on top of well-crafted snares and kicks that don’t overshadow the song’s edgy instrumental. Meechy himself delivers his trademark flow and voice, his inflection, as always, sounding like he just did a tonne of drugs before recording (which he probably did). And it works here. He somehow coins this crazed tone-of-voice with a hint of social commentary, making the sly remark “Bape if she hipster, Saint Laurent if she bougie“. Following this is the a verse from Zombie Juice (I don’t know), who seems to put more emphasis on keeping up a consistent flow amid the dark sounds found here. He claims he’s so high he can “fetch a frequency, this ain’t shit to me“, evidently commenting that being that far gone is nothing new, pretty much a trademark of an FZ member.

At times the backing track crescendos with added bass and synth sounds that initiate the next verse, reinforced thanks to the growing intensity by the rapper spitting at that point in time. Erick Arc Elliott, who of course drops in for the third verse, adds his own spin by matching the toned-down mood (basically sounding the least crazy) and questioning whether he should delve into the group’s psychedelic aesthetic; “conscious keep telling me, beautiful melody will exhibit if I trip on the L.S.D” just as the other two members do. The outro is fantastic here too, with the track slowly fading out as eerie piano sounds are introduced. It epitomizes the whole feel of the song and wraps up another impressive release from the New-York natives, who show that they can blend their crazy image and unpredictable nature with a beat that’s a little more subdued than some of their other choices. If the album can keep up this standard, then we may well have a debut that will challenge for 2016’s best projects.




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