Track Review: ‘Wonderful’ – Travi$ Scott

La Flame continues his run of form

wonderful travi$ scottYou would think since the release of his debut LP ‘Rodeo‘, Travi$ Scott would let it’s critical and commercial success settle before releasing any more of his unique style of Hip hop. Yet he here is only 3 months later, dropping a brand new track featuring one of 2015’s most talk-about artists; The Weeknd

Its been rumored, thanks to a post on Scott’s own Instagram and Hip hop heads across the internet, that last year’s album was only the main course in what could be a trilogy of rodeo-entitled projects. The alleged ‘Days After Rodeo‘, named after his tour of America following his success, should more or less take the reigns (pardon the pun) of the syntax he’s been building and further use it to appeal to existing fans.

If this is the case, then it seems Wonderful is the lead single, continuing the distinct sound the Houston-born artist has crafted over the years. The beat sounds like a cut straight off of his album, with the typical high-tempo drum loop as-ever inspired by trap sounds; blending crisp snares and heavy sub-bass. Scott’s obvious love for the dirty Atlanta sounds hasn’t been lost here, using the hard percussion to make the simple melody more attractive, a melody which admittedly gets tiresome by the end of the track, with no Travi$ Scott-esque signature switch up appearing in the cut until the last 30 seconds.

The lyricism found on the track is unsurprisingly shallow and light on most of it’s subject matter. From what I can hear from the usual combination of auto tune and pitch-shifting, Scott talks about a “wonderful time” with a girl who dances like a lot like a stripper, but isn’t quite into the profession yet (possibly due to the hours not being your standard 9-5, the MC seems to hint at). That and a shit tonne of smoking and drinking. Every teenagers sex-music supplier The Weeknd hops onto the track to bring some welcome vocals that bring a little passion and emotion into the atmosphere of drugs and partying, dropping the usual lines about his love for both his city while at the same time professing his love for bitches that bite, I think.

While the track isn’t as interesting as their collaboration on Rodeo’s Pray 4 Love, it’s adequate enough to satisfy the ‘turn-up’ side of Scott’s fan base. Nothing here that will dissuade those that hate La Flame– who’s apparently working on producing Rihanna’s new album – but it will serve as great hype-builder if this final part of the trilogy does indeed come into fruition.




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